A Boy Cries

M. Wood

A boy is crying, his daddy’s not there.
A mother consoles, but can’t ebb the despair.
His tears run down a flushed crimson cheek.
The mother’s voice quivers when she tries to speak.
Her words are lost on the anxious young lad,
He can’t understand why he has no more dad.
For weeks upon end he calls out in the night,
He says it’s not fair he says it’s not right.
How can one so tender, so young,
Be made to know why it’s not wrong,
That God can take his daddy home
And leave him to feel so very alone?
For now there’s no way to explain to him why,
So his mom holds him tight and allows him to cry.

A father sits alone in his den,
He thinks of all the years that have been,
Of times when he and his boy would go
Outside to wrestle or play in the snow.
About all the times that he taught him some tricks,
Like making a tree fort from branches and sticks.
He remembers the talks about truth and of wisdom,
And training his boy to live a life of devotion,
But for all of those times still his son chose to leave
And cause his mother and father to grieve.
For they love their boy and they want for him
None of the pain and problems from sin,
But he thinks that he’s found what will make his heart glad
At the very same time breaking the heart of his dad.

One boy is crying because he feels so alone,
Another boy has gone and run from his home.
One boy cries, he can’t be with his father,
The other boy can, but he doesn’t bother.
One father lost to a circumstance tragic,
One father left with heart heavy and sick.
One father waits with joy up in Heaven
For the day that his boy comes to be with him.
One father waits, he’s wondering if ever
He and his boy would again be together.
Whose place is worse the boy or the dad?
Or does each have the right to be equally sad?
One thing I know, and I’ll make this thing true,
I’ll hug my own boys at each opportunity to!




Well Done

E. A. Ray

To us the race seemed too short

Wasn’t there more to be done?

To Christ the plan was fulfilled

“Welcome home my child, well done”


Our hearts hold fear and wonder

How could this be the right way?

Our Creator offers peace

“My ways are higher than yours”


To Holland he was a light

Why aren’t there more like this one?

To Christ he’s His beloved child

“Bought with a price, he’s my son”


Our feeble minds just see loss

Could this be the fulfilled call?

Our God sees many lives touched

“Well done, thou good and faithful”


To us husband, father, friend, son

Though hurting to God we run

To Heaven sweet gets sweeter

“Welcome home my child, well done”



By: Elisabeth Ray

Staring in the closet
Piles of clothes
And yet nothing to wear?

Things for every season
Every day
Enough even to share!

I’m blessed


Stuck in traffic and rain
Swollen from the long trip

In a paid-for, clean van
Dual air
A gift from our great God

I’m blessed


Finding it hard to sleep
Big belly
Can’t seem to catch my breath

A little hand pokes me
My baby!
Can’t get enough of her

I’m blessed


Never get to see friends
Missing mom
Faces are always new

Always have my best friends
God and Neal
More than most have, I know

I’m blessed


Half-way done with meetings
Still have half-way to go

Half-way done with meetings!
Praise the Lord
Only half-way to go!

I’m blessed


No place to call our own
No nursery
Suitcase for a closet

A mansion in Heaven!
With my King
For all eternity

I’m blessed


Worried for little things
A bit stressed
Focusing on the worst

Serving a God who knows
God who sees
A God who supplies needs

I’m blessed


Friend, don’t be discouraged
Stop blaming
Stop the despair and tears

Seek the Lord and His strength
He loves you
He died to set you free

You’re blessed


In My Hand

By: Elisabeth Ray

Two little girls dance around and pick weeds

Nothing could separate

Nothing but deeds

As age unfolds and choices lead apart

One makes a choice for wrong

Breaking a heart

The other turns to God to seek His face

And He replies with love,

Cling to my grace


For she’s not lost

She’s in my hand

And when you see my face you’ll see my plan

Know that trials come and strengthen the weak

And understand

She’s in my hand


A loved one slips into eternity

Nothing prepares or warns

Just reality

The baby unborn to the world unknown

Will never be explained

Is to God shown

Through all the losses along with the gains

God replies as before,

Cling to my grace


For they’re not lost

They’re in my hand

And when you see my face you’ll see my plan

Know that my ways are higher than your ways

And understand

They’re in my hand


The Ugly Darlene

By: Elisabeth Ray

Never the one to stand out in a crowd

Never the one to speak up or get loud

Never the girl with the most friends of all

Never the girl who was most beautiful

This was ugly Darlene


Some would stare or conveniently ignore

Some would giggle about the clothes she wore

Some would think her useless, lacking talent

Some would say “kind things” without meaning it

These were the scorners


Always the one to take notes and listen

Always the one with a heart pure for Him

Always the girl who surrendered with joy

Always the girl to give and give fully!

This was faithful Darlene


Others could sing so well and look perfect

Others could make themselves look important

Others could simply make friends and fit in

Others could cover a heart full of sin

These were the hypocrites


God was looking for someone to serve Him

God was looking for a heart pure within

God was searching through the world high and low

God was searching for the one who would go

He found Darlene


Nobody knew just why He had picked her

Nobody knew why they were looked over

Nobody figured what her secret was

Nobody figured her heart was the cause

These were the blind


This one didn’t care what everyone saw

This one had a heart that was beautiful

This girl was used to make a difference

This girl was God’s first choice and not by chance

This was beautiful Darlene



By: Elisabeth Ray

I got up extra early to put my hair in corn rows

I spent extra time on my make up and wore my favourite clothes

I ran out of time getting ready and so I skipped my devo’s

Is that materialistic?


I went shopping with every spare minute

I spent extra money on new purses and hats and everything that fit

I let the offering plate pass by and put nothing in it

Is that materialistic?


I cried when my dress was torn

I had worn new things since the day I was born

I laughed at the girl whose clothes were worn

Is that materialistic?


I found myself alone and wishing I had more friends

I saw them sitting together with clothes that didn’t blend

I saw them laugh and joke and I wondered in the end

Is that materialistic?


I went to church and listened as I heard the pastor explain

He said Christ spent time with the blind man, the leper and the lame

He was not concerned with their clothes, their wealth or their name

He was not materialistic


I woke up and read my Bible and went to school with no make up at all

I gave my money to God instead of to the mall

I even hugged the girl who wore white shoes in the fall

I would not be materialistic

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